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He shows him how the curry is cooked, how the onions are fried and the rice is cooked. Diya drinks the milk and he feeds her the bread that was left from the previous night’s dinner.

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The rest of the weekend went well for the friends that remained and they all ate and drank and were too full of passion and food and love to bother with sleep. Sunday was in the middle of a thunderstorm but no rain came inside the cottage. Sarah was at the cabin with Noah, watching television, playing cards and drinking wine with him. While she sat on the couch with a plate of food and Noah on her other side, she looked at Luke and smiled. “We don’t need to eat anymore, Luke. Take a bite,” Luke teased her. Sarah smiled and took a bite of the homemade wine-steamed spinach.

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The cookies on a stick were amazing and fun. Eyes of yum used my graphic and printed it off on edible paper. It was such a fun display and take home party favor. I also made some rice crispy cake pops to go along with it. I’m pretty much sold on eyes of yum’s cookies and think they need to be a part of every special occasion from here forward.


I went to Eyes or yum in hopes to have them create the perfect Seahawks cake for my boss who turned 40 this past weekend. Eyes of yum was so much fun when we were designing the cake. The cake was a hit and my boss LOVED it! She is a die hard Seahawks fan so it was great! I can’t wait until my son’s birthday to get another cake from Sweet Themes! Thank you so much!!!


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