Who am I?

My name is Adrien, I am a 25-year-old Parisian who gradually discovered a passion for cooking.

Curious, passionate (sometimes even a little too much) and rigorous are the main adjectives that could describe me. I will not reveal the faults to you right away but if you read me regularly you will be able to see some of them.

I decided to create my culinary blog because I have always loved sharing my discoveries and tips. Incidentally, it allows me to be a little more social and to share my tips with you.

The kitchen but especially the pastry

When I was a student, my cooking skills were limited to cooking pasta. I was pretty good at it by the way, I challenge you. Gradually, I started to want to eat a little better. I started with simple things (gratins, pies …) and then I realized that cooking your own meals was much more rewarding.

Particularly greedy and addicted to chocolate, I quickly turned to pastry. The rigor and precision that this discipline demands immediately captivated me. The best recipes you will find here will probably be desserts and I will do everything to make them good and beautiful desserts.


I started taking pictures at a young age but got really interested in techniques during my studies. I rarely go out without a camera (in the worst case, I need my iPhone).

Recently I learned about food photography. It requires a lot of technique but I remain passionate. The main thing is that the photo is beautiful, even if sometimes the meal cools down until I find the right angle and the correct light. If you see someone photographing their plate for hours, it might be me.

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