Your Guide to the Best Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathrooms are often small, and space needs to be used to best effect. The keywords are compact, appropriate and maximized. Here is a look at the best bathroom storage solutions.


There are often several spaces where shelves can either be placed or installed. The best solution for the bought shelving is tall and narrow – 15 to 45 cm. These can be used in small spaces and with several tiers are great for things like towels and facecloths.

There are normally several places that shelves can be installed. A typical example is above the toilet, and there is often space for one or two shelves above the cistern. Another possibility here is a one or two-tier hung shelf, though these do tend to be longer, and the distance cannot be adjusted. They are however easier to install.

If installed shelves are thick enough, hooks can be screwed in to provide additional hanging space.

Baskets and Containers

These can be dotted around the bathroom either as loose containers on many surfaces such as a cistern, on shelves or a vanity. Containers can be fixed in place being attached, say to the side of a shelf or cabinet.

Boxes and glass canisters work well for items that need to avoid moisture.

The Shower

There are several things that can be done in the shower space. The most obvious is a caddy to hold soaps and shampoos. These can be designed to fit into a corner. 

The other useful option is a shower seat that is a box seat. These can either be fixed or loose. The box seat not only has a functional use but also is a container to keep the things you have nowhere else to put.

Before You Buy

While it is easy to buy baskets, shelves and caddies, there are certain things you need to be careful about given the nature of the bathroom environment. The bathroom is the most humid room in the home and therefore not just anything can go in there.

The items you put in should be mould resistant and rust-proof. They should have a smooth surface so any spores and fungus do not have crevices they can hide in when the surfaces are wiped. It is possible to buy special paint that is anti-fungal and use that to help the issue.

The other important thing is ensuring that closed containers such as boxes and drawers are as tight fitting as possible. If they have a plastic seal or are screw tops even better. The idea is to avoid the accumulation of moisture inside 


The best bathroom storage solutions are all about maximizing space in what is often a small room. It is less about elegant décor solutions that it is about optimizing storage, but there is such a variety of products out there that the perfect look is not hard to create. This has listed some of the best, but there are many more.