Top 5 diamond companies you need to know about

Diamonds are one of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry on this planet. They are super expensive, and there are different types of diamonds. The price depends on the size and the type of diamond you are going to buy.

Top diamond companies you need to know about:

Some elite companies sell diamonds. The top 5 diamonds companies from where you can get any type of diamond are as follows:

1. De Beers

De Beers is on the top of the diamond company list. They are like the diamond makers, and no other diamond company can compete with them. They are the diamond giants. In 2012 the revenue of this company was $6.1billion. This company is about 125 years old.

This company was the one that controls the diamond supply worldwide. So you can call this company the founder and the owner of diamonds. They sell the most extraordinary, extravagant, and exquisite diamond pieces.

The type of diamond that you won’t find at any other diamond company store, De Beers will arrange that for you.


De Beers is the household name of the diamond companies, but ALROSA is famous for this role in Russia. Yes, ALROSA is the RUSSIAN counterpart of diamond companies. In 2012, the revenue of this diamond company was $4.4 billion.

So after De Beers, ALROSA is known for its diamond collection. ALROSA has full ownership of the single mine that was discovered in Russia. This mine made this company. This mine alone contains almost $4 billion worth of diamonds that this company earned back in 2012.

3. Debswana Diamond Company, Ltd.

There are a few companies that have headquarters outside the Western World. Debswana is one of them. It has its headquarters in Botswana. This company alone is the owner of four mines in the world.

Other diamonds companies always stay in the limelight and get calls from human rights organizations. This is not the situation with this diamond company because it has been improving the Botswanian economy.

Doubtlessly Botswana was one of the poorest nations before but now it one of the fast-growing economies. Debswana has played a great role in it.