What are the benefits of owning industrial property?

If you are considering setting up your own factory business in Thailand, this article is to help you by giving the benefits of owning an Industrial property.

Firstly, Industrial property in Thailand can offer a much cheaper rental than commercial properties such as malls and shopping centers. Industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories can be rented at around $300 – $500 per month depending on where they are located and how big the spaces are. Factories even go for as low as $100 per month in areas that have high unemployment rates or in areas with little demand for Industrial properties. Industrial office space in Central Pattaya would typically cost from 5,000 baht ($160) to 15,000 baht ($500) per month if it’s 10’x 10′. Industrial properties are also very good choices for business expansion. Industrial space only takes up about 50% of the size of a commercial building, making them easier to afford.

It is important to note that Industrial properties in Thailand do not come with an access permit but it’s easy to get one from the Industrial Authority of Thailand, IAT. If you wish to start your Thai Industrial property rental business, make sure you have an IAT permit if Industrial buildings are illegal or heavily regulated in the area where the buildings are located. There are some areas though that allow Industrial buildings despite not having any permits because there is almost no Industrial activity in those areas at all or just too few people working there. You can simply visit these local authorities and ask if Industrial buildings are allowed or not.

Secondly, Industrial properties in Thailand would be helpful for any business owners looking to run their businesses overseas but want to keep things local so they don’t have to spend too much money on logistics and shipping costs. Industrial properties in the outskirts of town would typically see a business slowdown during non-peak hours so it is perfect for short-term contracts with guaranteed space availability. Industrial property can also act as a storage unit where you can temporarily store excess goods until the sale picks up again. Some Industrial spaces even come with air-conditioned units that can help keep your stuff cool all year round which saves you money on energy costs into the bargain.

Lastly, this type of industrial property is beneficial because there are many options for Industrial properties in Thailand so there’s bound to be something that will fit your needs and budget. Industrial property can offer lower rent than commercial properties if the Industrial building is outside the city core, away from central business districts, and near warehouses or factories. Industrial buildings usually take up less space than commercial ones because Industrial spaces only need about 50% of the total space of a commercial building since it just houses machines and equipment rather than people. The industrial property also has benefits such as high ceiling heights, access to loading docks for easy logistics, large parking spaces especially those with outdoor lots, security systems installed, etc.

Please keep in mind that Industrial properties are not as flashy as commercial ones but they serve their purpose well as backbones of every industry through manufacturing, storage, and distribution. Industrial properties are the real backbone that makes everything work.

A key factor to consider when looking at Industrial properties is the surrounding shops and services located around Industrial spaces as well as the location where Industrial buildings sit. There should be a wide variety of shops and restaurants located near Industrial space so there’s no need for your employees or clients to travel far from your office or factory building so you can save time and money on logistics costs. Industrial properties also have strong access points such as roads, railroads, waterways, etc which would enable it to access many places within Thailand efficiently so there will be less downtime if ever repairs or maintenance is needed.

Industrial property in Thailand is definitely a good investment for businesses that want lower costs on logistics and handy access to places where Industrial spaces are located. Industrial property is the backbone of every business just like roads support vehicles. Industrial properties enable businesses to scale up their operations by saving them time and money spent on shipping and storage costs. Industrial properties in Thailand offer many options for clients and tenants, depending on what Industrial property you choose, there will be a wide variety of surrounding shops and services available in the Industrial area that makes it highly accessible for everyone within that community.